Sunday, 22 July 2012

There once was a girl in a navy jacket

BEHOLD my current favourite jacket which i'm pretty sure will stay my favourite for quite a while unless someone is generous enough to buy me a Diane Von Furstenberg jezebelle grandie hot pink jacket which i totally dont mind if you do.
Anyways, i have been searching for a navy jacket with white edges for the longest time. I literally searched everywhere and all of them are always way tooooo expensive. I swear they all cost about 38294782384782478273 dollars + your soul. THAT is why when i see this baby on ebay for like less than 35 dollars, i know the universe wants me to buy it and so i did.
So here are some photos of myself as usual, so please do enjoy. Oh! and please dont mind the layer of fat that seems to be on my thighs, i had a new found love with kitkat just recently. I swear they are so addictive.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And here are some random as photos that my sister told me not to put up cause apparently it'll make this space ugly but i reckon it sort of makes this post a little bit more realistic instead of just me talking about what i wore.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
(1) A photo of myself with a box of mini chupa chups that i bought for my school locker because i          ran out of tiny teddies and grainwaves to satisfy my cravings for junkfoods on study frees.
(2) Just a necklace from sportsgirl that i've been keeping my eyes on since last year that i finally got
      for 9 dollars instead of 29$! I just couldnt say no to a bargain cause you know, i'm asian.
(3) New current favourite chapstick. Keeping my lips mousturised from Melbourne's dry weather.

So before i end this post i'll just like to wish everyone to have a smooth week and hope you survive this harsh society.


  1. have to agree that's a really nice jacket.

  2. love the jacket - i literally almost bought a similar one today
    also, i just found your blog today and love it! i followed :)


  3. Love your blog :) You are very cute.

    1. thank you so much!!!!!!!!
      and omgosh your blog is so rukjvrfmnnc. legitly the cutest thing!