Sunday, 25 November 2012


So hey i'm back, glob it's been so long since i last updated this space. To youS who actually read this space, i am truly sorry. (hope that there's at least some of you out there or this would be awks LOL)

So some of you might be asking, " oh brenda, why ,where the hell have you been?!" well this is a rather long story and no i'm not gonna bore you with it. Lets just say the past 2 months might have been the worst and most depressing 2 months of my young life. So many things has happened, finishing high school, exams, and all the other personal stuff i had to deal with can sometimes be too overwhelming. I guess i feel slightly better now, at least better than before where i literally hide myself in my room talking to Ranji ( a teddy bear), sad i know. Well i cant help it that i was never comfortable to talk to people about my feelings. But i find things to look forward to everyday, to keep me going strong. As great as the weather was for the past 3 months, i didn't get to enjoy my last highschool days like i planned to, WHICH is kinda sad of you ask me,Okay enough negative talk already, sorry if reading this effect your day somehow but all the colourful photos might just fix that!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket (BEFORE I START ANYTHING I WOULD LIKE TO EXCUSE MY AWKWARD POSING SKILLS ) kay . ANYWAYS
When i'm sad i always just throw on any colours i can find in my closet on. I love spring, mainly because i get to wear colours without getting judge. But well, i love winter for it's amazingly cold weather! Yeh.... My friends think i'm weird too, but you'll understand if you live in a tropical humid country for 15 years of your life.

SO today i wore : peter pan collar top ( i call it my carrot top) from some asian shop :: leapord print skirt from the net ( forgot where it's form :L) :: jewellries from here and there :: belt from sportsgirl :: shoes from ebay::

This outfit makes me feel like a carrot. Alot like one of my first posts , but the leopard print really stood out. At first i was like, "am i a carrot or an animal?" , and i decided on animal, hence the title of this post.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, what have i been doing for the holidays? well first off, i had a vampire diaries marathon with totoro there. One of my favourite tv series of all time, mostly cause Ian Somerhalder is in it and the amazing soundtrack they have! Thirdwheeling , Stuffing myself with fattening food and junks. I guess i have myself to blame for my weight and slowly increasing waist line. 

This holidays reminded me of how lack of friends i have to hang out with LOLOLOL, well i also blame myself for that cause i usually just reject going to any activity cause i'm way too lazy and they always decide to do something that involve me moving. So NUTELLA AND WHIPCREAM are literally my only friend now. 

ALSOOO, i'm leaving and going back to malaysia in like 3 days?? yes 3. I have like a mix feeling with that :L i kinda want to go but gosh i'm going to miss melbourne and the poeple here . But i guess it's about time i pay a visit to HOME since it has been a year. Well until next time. TOODALOO!

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