Saturday, 17 December 2011

My Own Fairy Tales.

[wearing: vintage dress from]

I have been obsessed with all those classic fairy tales, they are all simply too cute! Little red riding hood is one of my favourite story of all time. I love the little red hood the little girl wears in the story, it is like the cutest thing ever! I have been wanting to make one of my own but it seems almost impossible for me to make one so i'm just gonna buy one off ebay!

Only 9 days till i get to go back to my hometown. Have been away from home for almost a year and i miss it like heaps! Can't wait to see everyone there! but before going back, i'm going to singapore to see the hot model at Orchard road! weeee so excited! I'm gonna try my best to enjoy my holiday before YEAR 12. Seeing everyone getting their VCE results yesterday was so stressful. anyways it's getting pretty late so i'm just gonna end this photo like how i usually do that is with some photos and such. 

Here a picture of my hometown during the Lantern festival last year! Gotta love the lanterns.
Have a nice day! (: hehe

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