Monday, 19 December 2011

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

[wearing: navy blue maxi dress from COUNTRY ROAD]

I wore this out today on a shopping spree with my sister! We were excited about all these sales that's been going on. This maxi dress is now my favouritest maxi dress in my closet. I've been wanting to wear this out for awhile and finally had the perfect weather to! I personally love maxi dresses because i think it somehow makes me look a tad bit taller plus they are so comfy and classy looking!

Was suppose to be attending this picnic today but i ceebs-ed going to the park and stuff. LOL i'm so lazy! This would've been a perfect outfit but oh well.

 here are the rest of the photos  

Like i said my sister and i went shopping today and we picked out a few items (: i shall update my new closet in sometime soon so please stay tune to this space. I know how i have been boring and all but it's just cause i have like nothing going on in my life, sad i know but it's true. The only thing i have been doing is going out with my sis , dressing up, facebook, youtube and watching series and asian dramas. SIGH i seriously need to get a life or i'm just gonna end up forever alone.

I'm so excited to go to singapore! I've been counting down and all but to be honest i'm actually more excited to go on the plane! Dont you just love plane rides and most people would hate it and also the the wait at the airport, call me weird but i reckon those are the best part of the trip!
I promise i'll take heaps of photos and omgosh so excited about next week and onwards! This boring as holiday is finally going to turn exciting! anyways HAVE A NICE DAY! (:

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