Monday, 28 November 2011

The Yellow Sun In The Blue Sky

wearing: mum's vintage dress, blue blazer from and shoes from overseas.
 This look is inspired by our beautiful mother nature!
  • Yellow dress = Sun
  • Blue Blazer = Sky
  • White tights and collar = Clouds
  • Brown shoes = Earth
  all there's left is the green grass!

Wore this on Sunday when i went out to have lunch with my family. It was great! Due to that fact that my elder sister and I live overseas, it has really been a while since we all had a meal together as a family. Melbourne weather has been crappy, AS USUAL. It was so warm today and all i did was locking myself in my room with the air-conditioning on. Besides the crappy weather and all, life has been pretty good. 
Like i said, i've been locking myself in my room with the air-conditioning and laptop on and due to the lack of moving and mum's awesome cooking i've gained like heaps and heaps of weight and is having a very hard time getting rid of it.


Zuma Revenge, trying to finish the whole adventure which i did last night at like about 3.00 a.m in the morning.

And constant Korean Drama (DREAM HIGH) and yes i've finished it and is currently waiting for the second season which is coming out soon! ( insert teenage girl scream of excitement here.) The guys are pretty hot. nuf said.
ahhhhh. I should really get a life.

Since i didnt have green grass in my outfit, i shall fill it in with this picture that I found in my iphoto. My friend took this when we were at school camp.
Isn't it beaautiful! (': GOD creates amazing things!


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