Saturday, 26 November 2011

Someone stole my rainbow.

   [ sheer shirt dress from, denim high-waist short from TEMPT, chain necklace from    
     EQUIP, wedges from WINDSORSMITH, eagle's claw bracelet from]

So it's the first week of my holidays and so far it has been the best week yet. WHYYYY??! well, i finished chinese school and my last exam of the year, little sis and daddy is in melbourne and BEST OF ALL, I GOT HEAPS OF NEW GOODIES!

Got this from my little sis. It's the new addition to my little DOMO-KUN family! If you don't already know, i'm like a huge DOMO-KUN fan. 

This is all I've got and my oh my aren't they the cutest! 


  1. Cath Kidston floral bag! always wanted one (: it's just too cute!
  2. Kate Spade pink polkadot iphone 4 cover to match my ipad wall paper and all my other pink polka dot stuffs.
  3. New wedges! always wanted these babies! they're so comfy to walk in and most importantly to JUMP IN!

And since it's the holidays, i'll be posting more! and I'll like to end this blog post with a photo of my sister and I! 


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