Saturday, 13 August 2011

Mummy's little girl

Since everyone i know have a blog, i think that i should make one as well, just so i don't feel left out. Soooooo....... here you go (:

The rose on my blog name means PINK not ROSE. Everyone who knows me should probably know that pink is my favourite colour and how i am super obsess with it! I mean i love every colour there is in this world, but pink is just the best one among them all. HEHE (:

( hat , floral dress and navy scarf from ebay. mustard colour jumper from Glassons. white leggings. mary jane heels from, vintage school girl bag from )

As you can see i'm an asian and asians are famous for saving money. And well, none of the above cost more than $10! NO i am so not kidding even the heels and the bag <3 
ahhhhh don't you love the feeling of getting a bargain.
I woke up today feeling happy, so i put out together this outfit that is full of spirit and happiness which totally made my day!

I dedicate this blog post to my most amazing MUMMY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
Happy birthday mum. Wish that i can be there with you to celebrate this very special day! And yeah i always give you a hug on your birthday morning but sadly not this year. So if you're actually reading this. I AM NOW GOING TO CYBER HUG YOU! HUGGGGGGGGG* and  I LOVE YOU
from your baby girl.


  1. Long azzz post, Brodaaaaa LOL :)

  2. it's not me who posted all the photo D:
    i reckon it's too much as well
    glaring at amanda* ;l